What are some of the qualities needed in nursing?

Many people like the idea of becoming a nurse, working in the health care field, taking care of people. I know it’s something I considered for a long time.

Like me, I’m sure there are those who wonder whether they “have what it takes” to work in the field. While not every nursing job deals in “blood & guts”, that’s what comes to mind for many of us: emergency rooms, or delivering babies, or cleaning up after some infirm, dying individual.

But of course that isn’t all that nursing is. There are plenty of jobs in “clean” areas like hospital administration, working with insurers, mental health facilities, etc.

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Become A Certified Nursing Assistant With CNA Classes

Become A Certified Nursing Assistant With CNA Classes


There are many different nursing school programs out there today, but which one should you choose? Are you confused about what differentiates one type of nurse from another? This article will introduce you to a few programs and what kind of nurse you can become.

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse assistant, you may be interested in the Red Cross CNA class (Certified Nursing Assistant). Though you can get this certification through many nursing programs, the Red Cross offers a nationally recognized program.

The traditional entry-level position in nursing is considered to be the Certified Nursing Assistant. They are also known as a nurse’s aide because they take their orders directly from more highly trained nurses. To become a CNA, college is not required. There are vocational programs available that generally only take a few weeks to fully complete. After your educational courses and practical training are complete, you can become certified in your state and begin work. The CNA, however, has limited responsibility. You will find yourself feeding and bathing patients, checking vital signs, and performing other non-invasive tasks.

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Nursing School Info – Welcome!

Welcome to Nursing School Info. This blog will provide information to prospective nurses and those considering the healthcare career.

In addition to information about various programs and requirements, we’ll provide links to resources and schools.

One of the first things we’ll talk about is Licensed Practical Nursing.

Due to the nationwide shortage of qualified nursing personnel, there are more online LPN nursing classes than ever before.  An LPN or LVN is a nurse who works in hospitals, doctor’s offices and in almost any other setting.  There are only a few duties that the RN is charged to carry out that an LPN can not do.  The average starting pay for an LPN nationwide is 30-35K per year and this figure will definitely continue to climb, especially in the next few years.

The general qualifications for an individual to be accepted into any  online LPN  nursing classes  or to be licensed  as an LPN is that you be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or a GED.  There are some basic courses in science, English and math courses that you need to have completed, and you can take these before you take any of your first online LPN nursing classes.

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