What are some of the qualities needed in nursing?

Many people like the idea of becoming a nurse, working in the health care field, taking care of people. I know it’s something I considered for a long time.

Like me, I’m sure there are those who wonder whether they “have what it takes” to work in the field. While not every nursing job deals in “blood & guts”, that’s what comes to mind for many of us: emergency rooms, or delivering babies, or cleaning up after some infirm, dying individual.

But of course that isn’t all that nursing is. There are plenty of jobs in “clean” areas like hospital administration, working with insurers, mental health facilities, etc.

So what does it take to be a nurse? Well, I think chief on that list would be compassion. This is why we become nurses in the first place. Patience is another quality high on the list. Smarts – getting through nursing school isn’t easy!

Here is a good article that pretty much sums it all up: Qualities needed in nursing.

There are so many resources online related to the field, but most of them relate to the “science” aspect, or the “blood & guts” aspects.

I think that general qualities of a person are at least as important!

One thought on “What are some of the qualities needed in nursing?

  1. I think the key to a good nurse is your interest in people…their stories. Looking at the person as a whole being…(not an illness) and trying to understand what makes them tick. Once you focus on the person and learn a little about them …then you deal with whatever brought them to you in the first place. I’ve been practicing nursing for 30 years and I still love it because I find peoples stories so fasinating. Always meet someone new everyday. This interest has also spilled over to my business…and I’ve been successful there too. WE need good people in nursing…it’s not a glamerous profession…but worth it!

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