Become A Certified Nursing Assistant With CNA Classes

Become A Certified Nursing Assistant With CNA Classes


There are many different nursing school programs out there today, but which one should you choose? Are you confused about what differentiates one type of nurse from another? This article will introduce you to a few programs and what kind of nurse you can become.

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse assistant, you may be interested in the Red Cross CNA class (Certified Nursing Assistant). Though you can get this certification through many nursing programs, the Red Cross offers a nationally recognized program.

The traditional entry-level position in nursing is considered to be the Certified Nursing Assistant. They are also known as a nurse’s aide because they take their orders directly from more highly trained nurses. To become a CNA, college is not required. There are vocational programs available that generally only take a few weeks to fully complete. After your educational courses and practical training are complete, you can become certified in your state and begin work. The CNA, however, has limited responsibility. You will find yourself feeding and bathing patients, checking vital signs, and performing other non-invasive tasks.

You may want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. They can do the work of the CNA plus medicate, perform injections, and take note of a patient’s progress. These nurses follow the instructions of the RN. This position provides more in-depth care and demands a slightly more intense education. You will have to obtain an associate’s degree in nursing, a one to two year endeavor. Also, you will be required to pass the NCLEX-PN exam before licensure.

The Registered Nurse or RN is the most sought after class of nurse. They are able to perform all the work of the CNA and LPN. However, they have more a more crucial role to fill. They are involved in serious procedures and surgeries and answer only to the presiding doctors. While you can find work as an RN with only an associate’s nursing degree, the majority of employers prefer a four-year bachelor’s degree. No matter which course you choose, you still will have to take and pass an exam called NCLEX-RN. Then you can be licensed and start working.

Once you are a licensed nurse, you can still continue your education if you desire. These programs are found at traditional universities and colleges. For example, if you are an RN that only has an associate’s degree, you can enter an RN to BSN program. Completed, this will let you obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. There is a similar program available for the LPN. Also, there are other graduate programs available all the way up to a PhD.

So, now that you know more about the different forms of nurses and nursing school programs, including the Red Cross CNA class, you can decide which one matches your personality. The CNA requires the least amount of education while the LPN and RN take more time and study. The health care field is always growing, so your job outlook is good!

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